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What Our clients Are Saying

Sherri Hansen & Teresa Barthol, The Red Door Team

“As partners, we truly enjoy working with DeBoo Home Staging. We would recommend them to anyone looking to stage and prepare their home for sale. They worked in short notice within a tight budget and truly transformed out clients' home. They are very reliable, and provided a professional experience paired with innovative ideas to suit the function, aesthetic and budget for the home.”

Kristen S. Cramer,
Lake Realty

"As a real estate broker, I have had the privilege to work with DeBoo Design for staging property for sale for several years.  In fact, they are my “go to” team for staging. What first attracted me to their services was their willingness to work with semi and fully occupied properties. I soon realized that they can “shine even brighter” when given the blank slate of a vacant home. They listen to what the client wants and are not afraid to use color, which I really appreciate. Their style is comfortable and relatable. The furnishings they use are good quality, but not so “fancy” that they feel phony. Viola and Jean have always been creative and gracious in their ability to highlight and enhance a house or condo to sell faster."

Doron Weisbarth,
The Doron Weisbarth Team

"I've been using the great services of Deboo Design for years now and they've done dozens of stagings for me. With each property, Viola and Jean took the time to plan carefully and make sure that the final presentation was flawless. They would go out of their way to meet timelines and were always able to deliver within budget. There is no doubt in my mind that listings sell faster and for more money in good part due to the great work that Viola and Jean do for me and my clients."

Laurie Darrow,
First Impressions Real Estate
Keller Williams

"At First Impressions Group we have enjoyed working with DeBoo Home Staging & Design for 5+ years now and highly recommend them! They are always professional, easy to work with and do their best to be flexible in accommodating schedules. Their work is exquisite, and they do specialize in designing and staging each unique property, bringing innovative ideas and aesthetics to help our clients bring in top dollar for their homes!" 

Debbie Russell,
Lake Realty

Jim and Nicole Wright, Brier Realty

“We frequently use DeBoo Home Staging & Design for our listings. Each job was handled very professionally and with attention to time constraints. Each property was given specialized touches, resulting in a finished product that truly exceeded our expectations. Viola and Jean have a natural ability with regard to staging and design, but the extra effort they take to really listen to the needs of both the client and the broker really sets them apart and make them such a pleasure to work with!”

Troy Anderson

"I love DeBoo Staging! Jean and Viola have been my go to designers for over 6 years now. I’ve listed and sold 100’s of homes that they have staged for me. They always make sure it shows the best and have an excellent eye for design. I’ve enjoyed getting to know their story personally too and they are who you want on your side! My sellers appreciate them for the extra money they receive during the sell because the house looks so great. It’s a win all the way around to use DeBoo!"

Carol Liu,
Windermere Kirkland 

"I have been using Deboo Design for the majority of my listings. Even though some homes do not have a sensible floor plan or decor, Viola and Jean are consistently capable of giving every home a fresh look. They both have great taste and know what it takes to make a solid first impression. My sellers are always super happy with the results of the staging, and several of them couldn't believe that their homes could look so cozy and elegant. The entire look of the house made many buyers feel at home; they often sat in the family room for a long time and imagined themselves living there. In addition to their top notch designs, Viola and Jean are incredibly easy to work with. They are the first people I call when I get a new listing, and I highly recommend them." 

Sheila Lair,
Keller Williams Eastside 

"I am always confident that my listings staged by DeBoo Home Staging & Design will sell quickly and for more money."

Jennifer Pederson,

"I'm confident that their staging aided in a very quick sale! We listed on Friday and were pending by Sunday. [Their work is] worth every penny and every minute!"

"I've been using DeBoo Home Staging & Design for over 6 years and Jean and Viola continue to be my go-to stagers. They accommodate your seller's needs' at every level-- whether that be adding to existing furnishings or fully furnishing the entire home. They make it happen and the results are beautiful! They are hard working, professional and really fun to work with, too!"

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